Why Maximized Digital Solutions?

Maximized Web embodies our commitment to optimizing and maximizing every aspect of your online presence. We strive to offer unparalleled web development, digital marketing, and maintenance services that elevate your brand to its fullest potential. With a focus on innovation, usability, and performance, Maximized Web is your partner in achieving digital excellence and ensuring a powerful, effective, and optimized online presence.


For startups & small teams

$ 1000
/ Starting
  • SEO and best Google ranking practices
  • Wordpress 4 page site
  • contact form and responsive design
  • Additional Page $100


For medium-sized companies

$ 1500
/ starting
  • All Starter features
  • Custom design
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Videos and social media



$ 2000
/ starting
  • Custom site
  • Uploading products
  • Variable products and custom categories
  • Hosting for Woocommerce

Monthly Maintenance

As Needed

/ Hour (1/2 hour min)


/ Month

2 Hours of Maintenance

Plugin/Extension & CMS Core Updates

Monthly Security Scanning

Premium + Hosting

/ Month

5 Hours of Maintenance

Plugin/Extension & CMS Core Updates

Monthly Security Scanning

Weekly Website & Database Backups

Traffic & Visitor Reports

Reasons to Keep Your Site Updated

Security & bug fixes

If visitors come to your site and notice it’s outdated in design and content, or find errors, broken links, or dead pages, they’re likely to hit the back button and never return. To keep them engaged and coming back, ensure your content is fresh, informative, and helps them achieve their goals. Make your site inviting and intriguing for the best user experience.​

Search engine optimization

Search engines favor websites with active and relevant content. Regularly updating your site’s content encourages search engines to crawl it more frequently, ultimately boosting your rankings. Conversely, if your site remains unchanged for months, search engines will visit less often and deem it less relevant. Take a look at your competitors: is their site fresh or outdated? Will their site appear more relevant to search engines than yours?

Site down

Your site could experience downtime for hours, days, weeks, or even permanently. Without proper maintenance, you might lack the necessary backups to restore it if this occurs. This could mean starting from scratch, potentially losing sales and leads, and having to spend valuable time from your busy schedule to repair and rebuild your site.engines than yours?

Social Media Management Service

Harnessing the power of engaging content and strategic scheduling, we drive organic traffic to your social media profiles. Through tailored content strategies, we captivate your audience’s attention, encouraging interaction and brand loyalty.

Targeted Ads Campaigns

Unlock the full potential of social media advertising with our targeted campaigns. From demographic research to A/B testing, we optimize your ad spend to reach the right audience, maximizing conversions and ROI.

Ready to hire a great team?

Our team is committed to delivering excellence in web development, digital marketing, and beyond. Join forces with us, and let’s turn your vision into reality with passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to success.